The commitment of the Festival to break down barriers

Each year the Festival carries out initiatives, events and activities related to the world of Accessibility.

The elimination of physical and virtual barriers is one of the objectives for which we have always worked for alongside students, associations, organizations and show business personalities who, like us, believe in building a truly inclusive society.

Our commitment continues throughout the year all over Italy through the creation of new initiatives and awareness campaigns that explore new accessibility paths.

This is why, during WMF19, all the speeches scheduled on the Mainstage were translated into the LIS language (Italian Sign Language).

If you wish to join us in this process, fill in the form below and collaborate with us to create new initiatives which promote accessibility.

The theme of Accessibility at the Festival


During the 2017 edition, a whole training room dedicated to Digital Accessibility was created due to a collaboration which started with the Francesco Cavazza Onlus Institute and with the Italian Blind and Visually Impaired Union (UICI).

Experts in the digital sector displayed ways to make the User Experience of websites and social networks truly accessible even by blind and partially sighted people. The 2018 edition also saw the creation of training interventions on the accessibility of online content for deaf people.

Finally during WMF19, all the talks scheduled on the Mainstage were translated into LIS (Italian Sign Language).

Guests, Talk and Debates

During the 7th edition, many guests addressed the theme of accessibility from the WMF Mainstage. Among these, Serena Rosaria Conte interpreted the mission of the Deaf National Body in LIS (Italian Sign Language), describing the needs, good practices and technologies that can promote social inclusion.

Also during the previous editions, several guests and speakers contributed to a debate on accessibility directly on the Mainstage stage: Cristina Chiabotto led the panels on the theme "accessibility - deaf". The deaf trainer Davy Mariotti interpreted a formative and inspirational talk on the theme "Communication in the world of deafness", translated live by LIS into Italian by the interpreter Marinella Salami.

In 2017 Giorgia Palmas introduced the panel on the theme "accessibility - blind" and a related debate moderated by Neri Marcorè on "Accessibility and Digital Technology". The representatives of IWA Italy, UICI and Institute for the Blinds Francesco Cavazza debated on the topic. Vincenzo La Francesca, of the Pro Blind Federation, showed the public how the Internet is, by its nature, an inclusive context, but in which a certain asociality still exists.

Show and Awards

The WMF19 program offered numerous events and show moments related to the theme of accessibility. Luisa Rizzo, a young Drone Racing champion and winner of a Guinness World Record, on the Mainstage of the Festival showed the audience of her talents in piloting her own competition drone, talking of her battle against a disabling disease. The 16 year old was awarded on stage by Diletta Leotta and Cosmano Lombardo, who presented her with the WMF Award - Zero Barriere.

The Mainstage hosted the exciting performance of the group of deaf dancers "The Silent Beat" and Marco Baruffaldi, the 22-year-old rapper with Down syndrome who sang his own song against bullying.

WMF18 was also an edition full of accessibility-themed shows and awards. The musical poster of the “Generazione Infinito” festival was presented - with text and music by Marvanza Reggae Sound - which was marked in LIS by Davy Mariotti. In the 2017 edition, the finalist of Italy's Got Talent Ivan Dalia - a blind pianist of exceptional talent - gave an unprecedented performance.

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