Who Attends

The WMF is an event dedicated to digital and social innovation, showcasing the best tech and innovative corporations, small medium enterprises and startups. We provide quality insights to foster society's development. Do not lose the opportunity to get international exposure and build connections into today's fast moving environment.


Freelancers & Employees

Do not lose the chance to succeed in your career and  promote your company's growth! Innovation insights and quality professional training contents at your disposal to improve your knowledge and digital skills, crucial in a fast-moving competitive landscape. The event provides employees with trainings and updates on digital trends, evolutions and tools to get their career going. It is also crucial for Freelancers, to accomplish and develop their networking channel through our profiled audience and inspiring initiatives to get their business growing fast. Get your ticket now!

Executives & Marketing Directors

We always deliver the best  trainings and talks to inspire your thoughts. The WMF provides Executives and Marketing Directors with a unique chance to keep updated with new digital tools and strategies in line with market trends. Do not lose the chance to get visibility in an International environment and build connections with the most innovative realities!

Students, bloggers & enthusiasts

Design your educational path and gather career-related skills! Speed up your learning process, gaining competences in a wide range of skills. The WMF provides trainings and educational classes about the most innovative topics giving you access to employment opportunities within the digital world learning about future trends, disruptive technologies that will cause major industry shift. The program is designed to fulfill any educational need. Beside that, you will get the chance to put your knowledge straight to work in an enterpreneurial environment. 

Businesses & agencies

Do not lose the opportunity to improve your digital and innovation skills and contribute to your organization capabilities. 

The WMF training programmes are ideated to keep your employees updated on new trends, digital tools and strategies. It provides the best competence to use in everyday businesses's operations that are crucial for the growth of your business. Through the event you can get exposure and enlarge your professional network aligning your business with future trends. We will enrich your strategic vision and capabilities with groundbreaking trainings and innovative workshops. The present and the  future of digital innovation are here. Do not lose the chance to encourage your business growth in today's fast moving environment.


Achieve your goals & Spark your creativity with us. The WMF promotes Entrepreneurship and innovation to kick your ideas into drive and push your vision to the next level. We provide concrete support for your business idea and further development, giving the chance to introduce your project in front of a selected audience of worldwide investors, corporate ventures, key innovation players, ready to implement the growth of your business. The event is designed to foster original ideas and support potential disruptive businesses to gather attention, exposure and validation but also funding opportunities, building connections within our network to help you promote your ideas and keeping track of the most innovative & emerging realities on the digital scenario. Become a role model for others to follow their dream!

Journalists & medias

Experts and aspiring journalists are called to gather insights about online and offline publishing industry. Well-know industry representatives will discuss on how the digital innovation is intrinsically linked to communication, publishing and journalism giving you the perfect overview on today’s digital innovation world.

No Profit (NPO)

Spread your message using digital innovation. A distinctive focus will be given to digitalization and innovation for Non for Profit Organizations.You will  get insights on how to set priorities within the  digital market, building an audience, communicating, fundraising online and much more.


20 - 21 - 22 June 2019

WMF: the innovation has started;
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