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ITALY/RIMINI - 20/21/22 JUNE 2019

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Every year the Web Marketing Festival acknowledges personalities, companies or institutions that have stand out for innovative and original digital initiatives or communication campaigns.

Some personalities and organization awarded in past editions: Pope Francis, the actors Vincenzo Salemme, Pif, Casa Surace, Save The Children, Mulino Bianco, Whirlpool e La7. 

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Winners of the WMF Awards

Digital Journalism” prize assigned to Lercio

Awards Vita” prize assigned to Idigitals

Zero Barriere” prize assigned to Cristiano Pasca ( Le Iene)

Crowdfunding” prize assigned to Meedori

Integrazione Sociale” prize assigned to Save The Children

Digital Transformation for PMI” prize assigned to TryeCo 2.0

Core Values” prize assigned to Andrea Caschetto

Digital Social Responsibility” prize assigned to Pif and Tiziano Di Cara for NoMa app

Digital Food” prize assigned to Whirlpool

Social Network Award” prize assigned to Fabio Zaffagnini ideator of Rockin 1000

Social Integration” prize assigned to major of Riace Domenico Lucano - collect the prize the Marvanza Band

Prize assigned to Leonardo Bonucci for the project Live Onlus


20 - 21 - 22 June 2019

WMF: the innovation has started;
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