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Present your book at WMF2021

24 · 25 · 26 JUNE 2021 / RIMINI & ONLINE

Every year, WMF features an area devoted to books, where authors and publishers are able to showcase their .

In 2021, the Festival will also host a Book Presentation event: an excellent opportunity for writers to present their work in front of a large audience and reach out to new readers.

The call is open to all authors and publishers who deal with innovation in its various facets: digital marketing, gaming, sustainability, accessibility, open innovation, communication, advertising, management and much more.

If you are a writer, a publisher or an editor and you have a new book to promote, fill out the form below and bring your book to WMF2021!

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Roberto Saviano firma le copie del suo libro "In mare non esistono taxi"
Firmacopie di Roberto Saviano
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Philip Kotler e Christian Sarkar presentano "Brand Activism" al WMF2020 di Novembre
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24 - 25 - 26 JUNE 2021 /

The Digital and
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