Social Impact

The social campaigns of the Festival

Removing barriers is our way to empower people, enabling greater access to information and knowledge.
The festival promotes campaigns and activities to increase knowledge and participation in society through the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies.


the campaign aims to collect funds and raise awareness about social causes.
Partners from past editions: ASROO Foundation (Scientific Association for Retinoblastoma Ocular Oncology).



Social inclusion is at the core of our values.
We aim to reduce the barriers and allow people to access the digital and Internet.
Personalities and associations involved: Ivan Dalia - a blind italian pianist - Neri Marcorè, IWA Italy, UICI and Blind’s Institute Francesco Cavazza.


We raise awareness and promote an educational and ethic role in society.
Supported by a constructive use of Internet we aim to build and embrace a “culture of legality”.

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Accessibility > The exhibition of Ivan Dalia, a famous blind italian pianist

Accessibility > Debate with UICI, Blind’s Institute Francesco Cavazza and Neri Marcorè.

Charity > Some moments of the fundraising campaign of Web Marketing Festival.

Legality > The Modena City Ramblers' concert in memory of Peppino Impastato, a journalist murdered by mafia in 1978.

Legality > Federica Angeli, an italian journalist protected by police escort after her investigative report on mafia.


20 - 21 - 22 June 2019


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