WMF's commitment to support integration

Inclusion is a key value for us: integration, hospitality and accessibility are three of the cardinal themes on which various WMF initiatives revolve.

For years we have been carrying out initiatives that aim to involve all of society, promoting integration not only technological but also and above all social and cultural integration too. Indeed, the Festival holds numerous activities throughout Italy to support integration: training events, awareness campaigns, debates, talks and much more.

Discover the WMF projects dedicated to integration and join us by suggesting new initiatives through the form below.

Integration and Social Inclusion at WMF

Guests and Talks

In past editions, the Festival has welcomed numerous guests and spekers who, with their ideas, have brought attention to highly topical issues, such as integration and social inclusion.

WMF2020 the november edition, saw the contrubution of Siyabulela Mandela, human rights activist, who addressed current issues related to the Black Lives Matter movement and human rights, by Francesca Vecchioni, President of Diversity, who explained the concept and potential of diversity, and of Gloria Ficili, IT Architect & LGBT + Leader, IBM Italy, who spoke about the crucial role of individuals in promoting diversity, inclusion and social commitment inside the company. Franco Vaccari, president of Rondine, illustrated the role of the Citadel of Peace in resolving the conflict and building "youth of peace". Life senator Liliana Segre left her legacy to Rondine to build a world where global dialogue reigns.

Roberto Saviano opened the first day of the 2019 Festival, with a talk on the phenomenon of Fake News related to the theme of immigration. Director Alessandro Di Gregorio proposed his own personal key to understanding the phenomenon, dealing with the themes of innovation and integration through cinema.

The Festival then had the pleasure of hosting Mimmo Lucano, mayor of Riace, the Calabrian village known worldwide for its reception model. In the 2017 edition, actor and presenter Neri Marcorè moderated debates and talks on NGOs and Accessibility issues.


During each edition, WMF awards prizes to personalities, companies, and institutions that stand out thanks to impactful digital and social initiatives.

Among the awards recognized in the field of integration is the Social Integration Prize, awarded in 2017 to Save The Children and dedicated to the category of the most active NGOs. In 2018, WMF supported the project of the children of the Municipal Council of Valle del Montone of Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole, dedicating an award to Giorgio Perlasca, the man who saved over 5 thousand people from the atrocities of the Shoah.

In collaboration with the periodical Vita, WMF annually awards a prize for the best innovative speech on the topic of integration.

Other initiatives

WMF was a partner of the 2019 Antiracist World Cup, an event organized by UISP and held in Riace from 5 to 7 July. To confirm this partnership, the official press conference of the World Anti-racist Championships was held at the Palacongressi in Rimini on the inauguration day of WMF19.

To support the realities attentive to social responsibility issues, WMF has carried out the Social Startup Competition for two consecutive years, a competition aimed at innovative projects with a high social impact. These issues were also emphasised through the making of a short film shot in Riace in the lands of integration.

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