Black Friday Promo

The WMF at the lowest price ever!

Special deal 3x2

Our Black Friday Promo is here: buy the WMF at the lowest price ever! Find the details here below:

  • Purchase 3 tickets at the price of 2
  • The Promo is valid until Friday 27th;
  • The Promo is not retroactive.


The offer is valid for both types of tickets available today, which allow you to experience the Festival directly at the Fiera di Rimini. Therefore, you can decide to purchase:

  • 3 Full Ticket for €198+iva instead of €297€+iva;
  • 3 Visitor Ticket for €58+iva instead of 87€+iva.

Decide who will receive the tickets

With our special promo, you will be able to experience the Festival together with 2 people of your choice.

You don't have to register the participants during the purchase: you can decide who you want to associate the tickets to in the following months.

This allows you to buy 3 tickets now, at the lowest price ever, and choose the other two people with whom you participate at the WWF2022 later on.

Purchase Methods

If you would like to purchase the tickets with the Black Friday promotion you need to:

  • access your Personal Area, if you are already registered at the WMF site, or register, in case you have not done it yet;
  • click on purchase ticket and, during the purchase process, select 3 quantity:

the price of 2 tickets instead of 3 will appear automatically(198€+vat) instead of (297€+vat).

Register participants

  • Log in to the reserved area; 
  • Click on the box "participants";
  • Enter the names of the people who will come to the Festival with you.

If you don't know who is coming to the Festival with you yet, don't worry: you can associate the purchased tickets later in, choosing with no hurry the friends and colleagues with whom you want to participate


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