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The Background

Innovation in all its forms represents a real opportunity for the modernization, revitalization and social and economic development of our country. The Web Marketing Festival and ‘La Stampa.it’ - the Festival’s media partner – are combining, for the third year in a row, innovation and entrepreneurship, thus contributing to promote and support innovative ideas related to the digital industry through the implementation of a Pitch Competition.

Definition of Pitch

The ‘elevator pitch’ is a brief presentation that includes the key elements of a new business venture. Its aim is to attract potential investors, or promote the business idea itself.
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The occasion

IThe participants will have the unique opportunity to present their project at one of the most popular Pitch Competitions in Italy, before an audience made of some of the most authoritative digital sector players, investors and experts in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, who may be persuaded into supporting the implementation and development of the contestants’ business ideas.

The call will be open from 05/04/2017 to 26/05/2017

As a first step, all the projects received will be carefully examined. On 05/06/2017, this will result in the publication of the 6 shortlisted ideas which will be presented at the Web Marketing Festival in Rimini on 23/06/2017.

About the call

On the occasion of the Festival, the 6 shortlisted teams will be invited to present their pitch before a panel (made of experts in the digital sector as well as potential investors) which will judge their business ideas. Pitches will be made during plenary sessions before the whole of the Festival’s attendees, turning it into a unique opportunity to gain as much visibility as possible.

Every team will be allotted 3 minutes to present the key elements of its idea and win the panel’s trust. The panel in turn will have 3 more minutes to put questions aimed at getting to know more and going into detail.

The call will be open from 05/05/2017 to 26/06/2017.

The names of the shortlisted teams will be disclosed on 26/06/2017. Following this, the pitches will be delivered on the occasion of the Festival on June 23rd.

Who can enrol

The call is open to any individual, team, start-up and business with innovative projects or ideas in the digital sector.

How to enrol

To enrol, please fill in the form that will pop up upon clicking on the box below. Please, provide the following:

  1. Project name
  2. Short description (max. 100 words)
  3. Pitch

Contestants may submit further details such as a demo of the project, the executive summary, the business plan, etc.
For further information, please contact us at innovation@webmarketingfestival.it

Selection criteria within the Festival’s Section on Innovation

Applicants will be selected for the Pitch according to the following criteria:

  • Skills of the team, knowledge of the sector, feasibility of the project;
  • Development stage of the product/service;
  • Degree of innovation and its defensibility;
  • Positioning in relation to competitors;
  • Consistency with market and customers’ needs and potential outreach;
  • Business potential of the idea.

Organization and
The creators of the pitch competition will take care of its organization as well as they will examine all the projects received and select those which will reach the final stage in Rimini. All the team members have a long-standing experience in the fields of innovation, start-ups and new businesses set-up.

Cosmano Lombardo

Chairman – Creator of WMF, Co-founder and CEO of Search On Media Group

Giuseppe Oppedisano

Tech entrepreneur and general manager of I-delivery

Some members of the panel which will judge the 6 finalists

Augusto Coppola
Augusto Coppola

Director at LVenture/EnLabs

Gabriele Ronchini
Gabriele Ronchini

AD di Digital Magics per il Portfolio Development

Paolo Anselmo
Paolo Anselmo

Presidente IBAN - Italian Business Angels Network Association

Giorgio Guidi
Giorgio Guidi

Founder & Ceo presso The Hive CoWorking & Incubator

Fabio Blandino
Fabio Blandino

Business Development iStarter - former Business Development Microsoft

Fabrizio Bugamelli
Fabrizio Bugamelli

AD di AlmaCube - Incubatore dell'Università di Bologna

Massimiliano Ceaglio
Massimiliano Ceaglio

COO di I3P - Incubatore di Imprese Innovative del Politecnico di Torino

Marco Streparava
Marco Streparava

Superpartes Innovation Campus - Management Board Member & Business Development Manager

Giovanni Tufani
Giovanni Tufani

Responsabile per l'attività di scouting di startup per WABA Capital - Founder del business accelerator Seedble

Elisabetta Epifori
Elisabetta Epifori

Direttrice Techno Science Park

Giovanni De Caro
Giovanni De Caro

Member of the Board Campania New Steel Incubator

Marco Lotito
Marco Lotito

Accelerator Leader TIM #Wcap

Giusy Stanziola
Giusy Stanziola

Territorial & Sectorial Development Plans at UniCredit

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