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Web Marketing Festival
General terms of service

Websites, domains and subdomains at the address https://www.webmarketingfestival.com (hereinafter the Website), are the exclusive property of GT Idea s.r.l., with Headquarters and Main Offices in Via G. Oberdan, 28 - 40126 Bologna (BO) Italy (VAT and taxpayer’s code: 02418200800), hereinafter GT Idea.

The Website is not updated on a predetermined and regular basis, therefore it does not need to be registered as a publishing product according to Law 47 of 1948.

Acceptance of the Terms
These General Terms of Service include all terms and conditions which regulate the use of services offered by GT Idea. By agreeing to such terms when registering with the Website, and using the Website itself, the User expressly accepts to abide by the Website’s Terms of Service.

Continuing to browse the website shall be taken as express acceptance by the user

Changing the Terms
The conditions for website use may be changed at any time, at the undisputed discretion of its owners, if they should deem it necessary for any reason of a legal or technical nature.
Notwithstanding the ordinary remedies provided for by law in the event of violation of contractual obligations or failure to abide by the regulations in force, GT Idea reserves the right to send notices to the User, to suspend utilities permanently or for a limited time, interrupting the delivery of one or more of its services in the cases listed below:
a) violations of these General Terms;
b) impossibility on the part of the Website to check the authenticity of any information provided during registration or while the service is being used;
c) engaging in actions which might lead to economic damage or legal responsibility on the part of the Website or of other Users;
d) reasons related to safety and prevention of unauthorised accesses to the Website;
e) partial or total suspension of the services.

Use of the website

The User expressly agrees and guarantees that the Website and the related Services will be used in full compliance with these general Terms of service, and that none of the rights of any other person will be violated; also the User agrees not to violate any of the contractual obligations or legal obligations in respect of a third party, and that the laws in force will not be violated. Furthermore, the User expressly agrees to hold GT Idea harmless from any responsibility, in respect of any person, pursuant to use of the Website which is not compliant with these Terms.
Finally, the User declares to be over eighteen years of age and to be legally able to enter agreements and use this Website in full compliance with all the Terms listed herein.

In order to register with the website webreevolution.it, you need to register with the website gtmasterclub.it; it is possible to use enter names of individuals or companies, as well as fictitious nicknames, provided that the User has the relevant authorization for such name or domain, and that the said use violates none of the laws in force on the subject of intellectual property. The User, by registering with the Website, agrees to hold GT Idea harmless from any responsibility in respect of any person, derived from the use of names of individuals, domain names or company trademarks, which is not compliant with the laws in force.

The User is expressly required to refrain from:

  • using the Website in any way which might jeopardise, disrupt, overload or in any case hinder the operation of the said Website, or of the network to which the latter is connected;
  • engaging in any action which might interfere or prevent use of the Website by third parties;
  • trying to illegally access the Website or any information and/or data pertaining to its registered Users and/or computers and networks linked to the said Website.

Gt Idea reserves the right to delete, at its complete and undisputable discretion, any content which might appear to:

  • be illicit, derogatory, racist or slandering;
  • instigate to hate or violence;
  • be injurious with regard to people, institutions or religions;
  • infringe other people’s privacy;
  • be harmful for children;
  • be infringing on any trademarks, patents and contents which are protected by copyright;
  • contain personal data of third parties;
  • promote business enterprises.

In the event of temporary or permanent suspension, it will not be possible for the User to log in again using the same credentials associated with the suspended account.

Content properties

Unless it is stated otherwise, this Website, its graphics and all the texts, images, trademarks, logos and anything else contained therein, is property of GT Idea, and all the relevant rights are reserved.
GT Idea, webreevolution.it, the logo and all the other trademarks on the Website are registered trademarks, or in any case they belong to GT Idea, or to third parties who have expressly consented to their use. Nothing in the Website contents shall constitute a guarantee, implicit or otherwise, of a licence or right to use the said trademarks without prior written authorisation by GT Idea or by another owner of such trademark.
The said rights are protected by applicable laws and international treaties on the subject of intellectual property protection; therefore it is forbidden, as well as being sanctioned by civil and penal law, to reproduce and redistribute in any way – even partially – the layout and graphics of the Website, as well as the contents included therein, without having obtained written consent from GT Idea.

The contents of any kind (texts, images, videos, etc...), provided and added by the Users, shall remain the exclusive property of the said Users and/or of third parties which have authorized the User to circulate them.
By uploading the said contents onto the Website, the User also agrees to the Website’s right to use, publish, circulate, copy, forward, display and execute the said contents in public.
The User declares and guarantees that any uploading of contents and/or use of the latter by the Website does not violate any intellectual or industrial property right and/or image rights and/or right to privacy and/or right to confidentiality of third parties. More specifically, the User also declares and guarantees to have all the necessary consents and approvals by any third party concerned, to have paid all rights and duties according to any law or agreement to third parties, and that no right of third parties prevents the Website from receiving or using such contents in accordance with the relevant General Terms.
As a consequence, the user hereby agrees to exempt and hold GT Idea harmless from any possible claim, damage, prejudice, cost or expense (including any legal expenses, as well as those incurred as a consequence of judicial proceedings started against the Website with regard to the violation by the User of any of the clauses in this paragraph.

Warranty exclusion and disclaimer

Within the limits set forth by law and notwithstanding the rights of consumers, GT Idea does not provide any guarantee as to the suitability of this website for any specific purpose, unless it is otherwise stated in the case of paid services.
Furthermore it does not guarantee the accuracy or exclusive nature of the website contents, more specifically as regards those personally uploaded by Users.
The User shall bear exclusive responsibility for use of the Website; therefore GT Idea, with the exception of paid services provided solely in respect of the purpose of the service in question, shall not be held responsible, according to the contract or otherwise, for losses or damage caused by such use of the Website; this includes - without limitation - any damage (direct, indirect, punitive or consequential) and any loss (of income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, use of money), as well as losses or damage incurred as a consequence of deals which may have been suspended due to impossibility to use this Website, or to the outcomes of its use.

Users abroad

GT Idea does not guarantee that the information included in the Website is correct and, more specifically, that its contents are available with the same appearance, layout and under the same conditions also outside of Italy. Any resident of a country other than Italy, who visits and uses this Website, agrees to abide by all applicable laws on data and content transmission in the respective country of residence and – whenever information and contents are downloaded from the Website – shall be responsible for compliance with all legislation in force in the respective country of residence.

External websites

This Website includes links and banners to third party websites not controlled by GT Idea, therefore it shall not be held responsible for the contents of these websites or the services they provide. This Website includes the said links and banners, but this shall in no way imply approval or affiliation as regards the linked website. The linked websites are controlled by others, who manage them independently; GT Idea thus cannot guarantee that the User will be satisfied with their products or services or way of doing business. It is therefore advisable for Users to conduct all inquiries considered necessary and appropriate before any transaction through the said websites. These external websites use remarketing with Google Analytics for advertising purposes and third party suppliers use proprietary cookies and third party cookies together to inform, optimise and publish advertisements based on previous visits by a user to your website.

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